1.  Globe Control Valves.............ECOTROL
  2.  Hygienic Control Valves.........BIOVENT
  3.  Sterile Control Valves............STERIVENT
  4.  Lined Control Valves
  5. 3 Way Control Valves
  6. PRDS Control Valves - Pressure Reducing & De-Superheating
  7. Pneumatic, Electric & Piston Type Actuators
  8.  Electro-Pneumatic (Intelligent & Standard Types) & Pneumatic Control Valve Positioners
  9.  Accesories ie. Regultors, Solenoids, Speed Control etc.

Exclusive Products

 Sterivent- Sterile Control Valve

  • DN 15-150, PN 10-100
  • 100% leak tight
  • High degree of safety
  • Long lifetime and reduced maintenance with better accessibility
  • No dead space, no stem packing, no gaps
  • Same high performance during pressure and vacuum operation
  • Simple, effective cleaning and sterilising
  • Relatively low operating forces
  • Relatively low investment cost due to a compact design and the avoidance of inspection systems 

ArcaPro - Intelligent Positioner

  • Ability of bi-directional communication
  • Unique diagnostic
  • Superb control accuracy
  • Modular design, options (limit- and alarm switch, position transmitter)
  • HART
  • Intrinsically Safe or Explosion Proof design EEx ia IIC T5-7 acc. to IEC79-11 and EN50015
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • Vibration proof up to 10 g acc. to IEC28-2-6
  • Basic unit reversable for linear (3-100mm) and quater-turn (60-100) actuators
  • Robust execution with anodised seawater resistant aluminium housing
  • Ecotrol -Modular Globe Control Valve 

    • Excellent performance in liquid and gas applications
    • Extended lifetime due to double-side use by reversing the seat
    • Easy and fast assembly and maintenance without any special tools
    • Low cost ratio
    • Optimal flow conditions by seat retainer
    • Prevention of leakage and bypass leakage by pre-calculated pre-load of encapsulated sealing components controlled by the method of initial compression to eliminate the possibility of overcompression
    • Multiple material options
    • Optional: PTFE-soft sealing with back-up-O-Ring and metal to metal end stop
    • Alternative to the tubeless positioner mounting: mounting acc. to DIN IEC 534 T6 (NAMUR)

    For more information on a full range of ARCA products, more information can be found here.