Globe Control Valve "ECOTROL"

Why Arca Regler?

As a rule, if a recognised control valve manufacturer correctly sizes and selects the control valve for its proposed application - that valve will function correctly i.e automatically control the process.

Why the Arca Regler Ecotrol Globe Control valve as an alternative? 

Installation, Calibration and Maintenance

  • The Globe valves utilize the "drop in seat" design. (Thus eliminating problems associated with removing screwed in seats, special tool requirements & the occasional use of a cutting torch)

Technical information can be found here.

  • The globe valve has a "maintenance free" pre-loaded stem sealing design - Patented Design. (No more leakage through the stuffing box, which has to be regularly tightened, and over a period of time, due to an increased torque requirement, loss of process control)

Sketch showing detail can be found here.

  • All external tubing is redundant, (No bending of tube to make a connection between positioner & actuator, or "handles" to carry the valve with and of course no more potential leakage paths - Patented Design)

    The design of the actuator and positioner connection (feedback) has completely eliminated the need for linkages. This ensures far better control and is extremely simple to set up - Patented Design.

See image here.

  • The positioner can be mounted, "tubed" and the valve calibrated in 3 to 4 minutes without removing the control valve from the pipeline - A considerable aid to the engineer responsible for calibration, commisioning and maintenance. The positioner calibrates the valve in-line without the need for any other equipment or hand held devices.